•  Cool Hard Hats have invested a lot of time & effort into creating a product that meets all standards. The hard hats have been rigorously tested in laboratories to meet Australian & NZ Standards AS/NZS1801.

• Each hat is individually hydrodipped and completely unique.

• All printing is done right here in Australia in our WA workshop and shipped worldwide.

• The design covers the entire outside of the hard hat and will not fade or easily scratch.

• This is NOT A STICKER so any future defects or cracks can be spotted as in accordance with Australian, European and US design rules and laws.

• Suitable for construction, mining and industrial applications.

• All hats come with name and date sticker inside which is required on site and by Australian law.

• They also have the date of manufacture embossed into the hard hats shell as law requires in all countries.

• The hard hats are vented and have a 6 point safety harness with a dial ratchet for easy adjustment making them very comfortable to wear.


• Due to the dipping process, the pattern placement may differ to any image or demos seen on our website. This makes each hat completely different from the next, no 2 hats are exactly the same.



We love working with like-minded small businesses who want to retail our products in their own stores. If you would like to be a stockist, please contact ashleigh@coolhardhats.com.au.