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About Our Hard Hats

• 100% LEGAL & fully tested to meet Australian & NZ Standards AS/NZS1801 & British Standards BS EN 397:2012

• Each hat is completely unique & individually hydrodipped.

• Designing, printing & dipping is done right here in Australia in our WA workshop and shipped worldwide.

• The design covers the entire outside of the hard hat and will not fade or easily scratch.

• This is NOT A STICKER: Any future defects/cracks can be spotted as in accordance with Australian & European laws.

• Suitable for construction, mining and industrial applications.

• All hats come with name and date sticker inside which is required on site and by Australian & UK law.

• They also have the date of manufacture embossed into the hard hats shell as law requires in all countries.

• One size fits all with a comfortable webbed harness.

• Stretching and some fading is common with hydrographic processes. This makes each hat completely different from the next, no 2 hats are exactly the same. Due to the hydrographic process, the pattern placement and sizing of the images may vary from any images seen on our website. 


All designs are currently MADE TO ORDER. Please allow 5-7 business days for production due to the volume of orders that we receive. Delivery time will be additional. Please allow extra time for custom designs. 

Care and Maintenance of Hard Hats

All components, shells, harnesses, headbands and accessories should be visually inspected at least weekly for signs of dents, cracks, penetration or other damage due to impact or rough treatment which may reduce the degree of safety originally provided.

Attention is drawn to the fact that helmets complying with AS/NZS 1801 are required to contain a safety warning regarding damage due to impact and deterioration.


Use By Date:

Under Australian law, the use by date is 3 years from the date of issue of the hard hat. The date of issue may not be the same as the date of manufacture.

At the time of issue to the wearer, the helmet should be marked with the issue date on an additional sticker on the inside of the helmet. However, this is a guide only, and depending on use, storage and condition this time frame may vary.


Manufacture Date:

Each helmet, when manufactured, has a year and month of manufacture stamped onto the inside of the shell near the peak for easy reading. The arrow in the stamp points to the month and the arrow overlays the arrow.  For example, if the arrow points to 9 and the number is 12 - then the helmet was manufactured in September 2012.


Do they last for ever?

No, they don't. All hard hats must be replaced if damaged, no matter how new or old they are.


For helmets that are used infrequently and stored away from sunlight, dirt and temperature extremes, this guideline/recommendation may not be applicable. The user should examine the helmet regularly and discard if any damage is evident.

Conversely, helmets that are used in extreme conditions of temperature or poorly stored, may need to be replaced more frequently.

Helmets showing damage or deterioration to the shell should be immediately withdrawn from service and discarded.


Helmets known to have been subject to significant impact should also be discarded, even where the damage incurred is not obvious.

Helmets with sound shells but with damaged or defective harness components should be withdrawn from service and the complete harness be replaced immediately. Components of harnesses may deteriorate more rapidly in service and harnesses should, therefore, be replaced at intervals not longer than 2 years.

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